Welcome to the CMJ blog. This is the place to come if you’re looking for news, information about what we’re up to, as well as Alex Jacob’s latest Thinking Aloud.

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  • Millennials Told Media Lies

    ‘There is no occupation,’ Arab pastor tells shocked young tourists.

  • The Battle of Britain

    Though fighting on our knees is essential, passion for the gospel must be our motive for conducting spiritual warfare.

  • Bucket-loads of Blessings

    Revisiting the Welsh Revival during a conference at the Bible College of Wales – Part II.

  • Welsh Revival Revisited

    And we uncover its close connection with love for Israel.

  • Christmas Cards etc

    This year we have partnered with Gospel Cards etc for the sale of Christmas cards.

  • Team GB 2018

    CMJ UK took a team over to Jerusalem to serve CMJ Israel at their annual Spring Fair

  • LCJE Builtan—Devotion Reflection

    I have just recently returned from attending the LCJE North America meeting in Atlanta.

  • BCTL in Enniskillen - March 2018

    Paul and Janey took The Bible Comes to Life over to Enniskillen in Ireland.

  • A Jew for Jesus!

    Lightning fails to strike on visit to church. By Charles Gardner

  • Preaching Resource available

    Book Rev Alex Jacob (CEO CMJ UK) to speak at your church

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